Merry Christmas 2017: Merry Christmas Denver, Colorado

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2017: "GP7A News, history 2017, "Merry Christmas 2017" Colorado the most awesome people in the world. The New Colorado Politician, better have had trumps over some service adversities to be my next Mayor or Governor of Colorado says Candidate Marcus Giavanni .2018 Credibility, and Relevance, Authority over subject matters.

"GP7A News January 2018: Mayor Michael Hancock stop using city assets to promote your campaign. Denver Loves Marcus Giavanni, who will be the Denver Mayor 2019. It won't be easy, but it will be the fight of Marcus Giavanni's Life 2019"." Marcus Giavanni is a single father of three teenager children, who all attend Denver schools 

  Christmas 2017 Colorado Politician GP7A News 2018 Denver 2019 

Mayor Michael Hancock: Knowing Denver Mayor Loves Marcus Giavanni. Who will be Mayor on May 7, 2019. Merry Christmas to all in the city and county of Denver, colorado, and all the other 63 counties that make up Colorado's Families, Businesses, Friends and Visitors. Denver Colorado is not looking back to 2017. The John and Jane Doe of Colorado Politicians. Colorado voters are looking to candidate Giavanni; Worldwide SEO & SMO Guru.  

GP7A News 2018, Denver Mayor 2019, Denver Mayor 2019 

"GP7A News: Mayor Michael Hancock, and friends should be worried. For their 54 years of power in the city and county of Denver is over. The Future for the United States, Colorado, and yes, even the city and county of Denver. When the clock strikes 12:00:01 Am on Monday, January 1, 2018"." The internet algorithms that are White Hat Positive, will out rank Black Hat Negative Content. And this content is headed to the Black Hat Abyss. Not right away. A slow drip, just what the internet god's ordered. Priceless, and LEMOI! 

In order for the Internet to be relevant, credible, and verified. So, that on any browser. Especially Google; credibility, relevance, authority, wisdom, and actions. Think about it??? If you are an end user of Google, and you search for relevant content, nothing but negative, fake, bias content. With slanderous intent, to destroy anyone, any business, and anyone who goes against those, in position of power. Who think they can bullshi the voters. So, they can continue the same old song and dance. 

This is no longer the case. for the last 6 years. The media has been profiled. And every top anchor, newscaster from all the major broadcasting companies. Have not missed the hand of judgement. And we are not talking religion. We are talking CREDIBILITY and RELEVANCE, over any subject matter. PERIOD!

Thanks to the ... "2016 Post Presidential Elections, President Donald J. Trump, Fake News, Bias News Claims. Verified GP7A News" Denver Loves Marcus Giavanni Who will be Mayor May 7, 2019. Merry Christmas 2017, Colorado Politician, GP7A News 2018, Denver Mayor 2019. #TaptheVote - Marcus Giavanni

Warning to all candidates who claim to be a candidate for the citizens of Colorado, or anywhere in the United States. When a dude like Marcus Giavanni contacts you to talk about family issues, homeless issues, and the corruption of a few. And you want to ignore me, or others like me. Who have been fighting the worthy fight for children, and their parents to stay united.

Your lack of wisdom, and authority of subject matters will be the reason you will not be elected. Just because you may have millions of dollars, and promise the world to everyone you talk to. And you really have no experience in life. Or the subject matter you claim to represent. It takes you millions to reach the silent majority I have in my circles, their circles, everyone circles who are talking about the next Google Top Organic Search.

Career politicians, with the same old message, or same old media support. Colorado Millennials’, and baby boomers have had enough! Marcus Giavanni's story, and all those who he represents, will be heard. Mayor Michael Hancock, and Wanna be "Mayor Kayvan Khalatbari" Your talk is cheap, and fake, bias. The media that think nobody can control their content on the internet are mistakenly foolish.  GP7A News 2018 Denver 2019. – Marcus Giavanni

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