I was Robbed in Denver: I was Robbed - eSign Application - #crdenver - "Drake Rambke" - Denver Clerk and Recorder Elections Division 3.20.19

Published Mar 24, 2019 3:19 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News About "Denver I was Robbed by eSign Clerk and Recorder Election" | "Peg Perl" for Clerk and Recorder | Paul Lopez Go home no double pension for you Go get a JOB | "Paul Lopez" would be the 2nd worst thing to vote for. And 3rd worse voting for Veronica Barela City Council District 3 | Voters Say Harms Reduction Colluding with Personal Property, lying | Go ask Commander Tony Lopez DPD Distinct 4 and "Councilman Doug Linkhart" they and others saw what "Veronica Barela" did to me infront of 60 people who is @crdenver | #crdenver | #kdvr | #denver7 |#crdenver | "Honorable Judge David Goldberg" | Denver District Courtroom 269 | Giavanni vs Debra Johnson Capacity as Clerk and Recorder | @crdenver, @peg_perl, #peg_perl, @paullopez5280, #paullopez5280, #303software, @kdvr, @denverwestword, City and county of Denver network.

"What is eSign Petition Voter and Signature Instant Verification Digital Platform by Denver Clerk and Recorder Election Division why did it not work for Marcus Giavanni the #1 blockchain builder in the World"."
I knew, Judge David Goldberg was going to rule against me. And I was already prepared, and knew the rules of the eSign and Paper petition signature. Bit how else are you going to actually test the reliability and accuracy of the eSign Technology Platform. To see if eSign is what Reynolds and Johnson and the entire Denver Technology department with in the City of Denver.
We know what to do to fix the failed eSign that caused Marcus Giavanni to be placed on the ballot. But everything happens for a reason. And my name is to valuable to be printed next to Michael Hancock, Penfield Tate, Lisa Calderon, Jamie Giellis you all are #1 Verified Shadow Candidates in the World. Boom Baby! Congratulations to @kalyn4mayor and Chairman Seku for getting on the ballot you all worked hard. And Paul Noel Fiorino good luck, you are an honest man. One day I will tell you you are not against Handicap mobility.
Ken Simpson, my grandfather was named Homer! Good luck Everyone who is paying attention, and pray for those who are not paying attention. - Marcus Giavanni