"Michael Hancock, knows Michael Hancock for Denver Mayor by Marcus Giavanni (Write-in Candidate for Denver Mayor) against Michael Hancock early mail ballot voting on April 15 and election day May 7, 2019"."

GP7A News "talks" about "Michael Hancock" for Denver against Write- In "Marcus Giavanni". Who is @mayorhancock, who just got another raise? Why does @hancockfordenver not accountable for 14 Year Record High Murders? Why is #mayorhancock glorified with raising $1,500,000 by the same establishment since 1963?

Why does #hancockfordenver think Michael is above the law? Because the 24% who vote out of the 400,000+ registered voters. Because the other 300,000 voters have been disenfranchised, and the democracy, has been monopolized.

Denver is not a recognized .GOV.

All other Governments follow and register their Government with the .gov but not Denver. They are a "Denver Government Organization" who by registered as a .org is where the falsehoods begin. Denver should be denver.gov or city and county of Denver.gov and as of today. The .gov websites are still available and can only be registered by a Goverment.

The rules and regulations are far more harder for Denver Government to be taken legitimately. By Denver being an Organization, they can pretty do what they want. With out being help Accountable by the Federal Government. Now Denver voters want the @thejusticedept and @fbi to find out why. What Voters' don't understand, they can fix this. By electing Write-in Candidate " Marcus Giavanni" in the early Voting on April 15, 2019 and Election day on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

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Michael Hancock: Michael "Hancock for Denver" - Against - Write-In Marcus Giavanni - Write in Candidate - 2019 Denver Mayoral Election - @hancockfordenver - #hancockfordenver


Published Mar 25, 2019 5:19 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | About "Michael Hancock for Denver against Write- In Marcus Giavanni" | @mayorhancock | @hancockfordenver | #mayorhancock | #hancockfordenver | @jamiefordenver | @tatefordenver | @lisa4denver | #jamiefordenver | Google Search Candidates # and @ | Shadow Candidates | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | Social Credit System Scores and Rankings Indexing Everyone | SCSSAR 2020 | Google+ Law Authority | "Google+ G-SUITE Authority" | Business "City and County of Denver LLC" | Trade Name "City and County of Denver" | Trademark "City and County of Denver" | Website "CityandCountyofDenver.net" | The "Most Powerful City and County of Denver" in the "World"."

Colorado Donkey Watch: Published on Mar 21, 2019 - Full video on Eric's page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYCJ...
Assault from mayor Hancock body gaurd on journalists tonight is disturbing. The arrogant violence from the thugs in suits, I hope Eric defeats this bogus case, this clearly looks like a attack on a protester not the other way around.
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When you listen to the combantant langue, and the fast moving protesters moving in on @mayorhancock #mayorahancock.  The yelling it cuased these officers to protect the Mayor. Period. It appers the threst of the protesters ripping faces off. is what the offciers are trained to do. threating Law enforment offciers is alos a crime @denverpolice

Sworn Statement and And Petition Statistic Summary Report 

  1.  On January 17, 2019 I was working with Dominic A. Diaz the Deputy County Clerk in the office of Policy and Compliance Denver Clerk and Recorder’s Office. I was having problems logging into my Tracer account, and was updating campaign records. I had asked Domoic about the eSign, and he told me “It’s a really good app, and not only does it shorten the time out in the field. But they are accurate, and its up loaded to the clouds.

  2.  So, you don’t have to worry about losing the signatures. And they are already and approved. Dominic also told me “Look up 303 Software, we are working with them, they built the app, and you can see this is the future of Digital Petition Signature Fillings. This is when he introduced me to Drake Rambke Ballot Operations Coordinator City & County of Denver, and he walked me through the 303 Software and told me. “It’s very reliable, and it beats carrying around paper. And your signatures get verified and uploaded to our clouds.

  3.  So, you don’t have to worry about signatures, or no being able to read the hand writing, it’s the future of digital petitions, and all document signing for everything is going digital in the future. Of petitions, and voting. So, believe me, I would go eSign for sure”. 

  4.  So, I went home and Google Searched 303 software, Denver elections Division, and any story related to the eSign Application, or legitimate complaints filed against 303 Software’s ESign application or the Clerk and Recorders office who first implemented the eSign and tracer applications as the best thing since slice bread.  

  5.  I also looked up for any media on the eSign And Tracer Applications and this is what I found, See Exhibit 4,. On February 4, 2019 at 3:21 PM I called Dominic Diaz, and asked him about having the iPad and maybe some paper petition for back up. Dominic said “You must do what works for you, the eSign according to everything I know about it. You won’t need paper.

  6.  Again, talk to Drake about it, I can patch you through to him. You are on the right track, keep asking questions, and you will get your answer you seek, sooner or later. Lol” I spoke to Drake, he told me what kind of I pad I needed to buy, and I told him I would see him n February 5, 2019 the day after the February 4, 2019 candidates sign up for signature petitions to be placed on the May 7, 2019 Ballot for Denver Municipal elections. 

  7.  On February 5, 2019 I met with Drake Rambke and I gave him my new iPad so that he can upload the eSign application to my iPad. I also request paper petitions; just in case something went wrong with the eSign application. Drake Rambke gave me 10 petitions with 5 pages, with 10 signature lines per page for a total of 50 signatures per petition. It used to be 100 signatures per petition. For some reason they doubled the paper work, and added more work for the Circulators. From carrying around 5 Petitions. To carrying 10 petitions. See Exhibit 5 (Request for Original Petitions). 

  8.  Drake Rambke did not have a card when I asked for one, he told me he was in the process of moving. And he did not have any cards at hand. And that he would email me. He never did. Drake Rambke never gave me in specific instructions as to logging in. He said it was simple. So, we shook hands, and I was off with he new marvel application called eSign and it only got worse. On February 6, 2019 4:15 PM I placed a call to Dominic to inform him of the problems of me logging into my account. And the application expires way to fats. And I have to always log back in. like 4 – 5 minutes to 1 minute. It was bizarre, like they know when I was online? I had one episode where I imputed the wrong letter in my email. And I was locked out of my account for the entire week end, and the complaints go on. .... 

On 3/14/19, the day after the mandatory March 15 submission date. Marcus Giavanni handed in 8 petitions consisting of 6 paper containing 283 signatures on the Paper Petitions. And 94 on the eSign application. To which 57 were verified voters, and 37 where not verified, and had to be manually uploaded.


However, Jacelyn Bucaro, Deputy Director of Elections City and County of Denver submitted a different Petition of Statistics Summary Report as follows:

Total Number of Signatures Submitted: 346

Total Number of Valid (Accepted) Signatures: 217

Total Number of Invalid (Rejected) Signatures: 129

Total Number of Excluded Signatures: 0

Required Number of Signatures: 300

There are 31 Signatures missing from the Total Number of Signature submitted. Where did they go!


In court they said 30 of my signatures were excluded. and yet. On their own account summary there was no excluded signatures. I knew, I had just better not say anything and let the ruling come, as I known it to be. now I am a Write in Candidate for Mayor of Denver, Colorado. I was challenging the eSign Digital Petition Voter and Signature Verification system by 303 software.


Everything I read, about eSign, and all those disenfranchised petitioners. Welcome to corruption of the worse kind. Either a corrupt Blockchain in the eSign ledger. Or corrupt administrators who now controls the eSign and everything that goes in and out. Drake Rambke controls everything even the cameras, and microphones. - Marcus Giavanni


Michael Hancock: Denver Mayor Michale Hancock - @mayorhancock -#hancockfordenver - Write-In Candidate Marcus Giavanni - ESIGN Fraud

Michael Hancock Denver Mayor Michale Hancock @mayorhancock #hancockfordenver, esign cover-up, Michale Hancock for Mayor of Denver seeks 3rd term, new raise, and 14 year record high murders. - Marcus Giavanni

Michael Hancock: Michael Hancock for Denver - against Write in Marcus Giavanni Candidate for Mayor of Denver April 15 Early Voting May 7, ED

Michael Hancock for Denver against Candidate Write in Marcus Giavanni. 300,000 voters know we got robbed. And 4 more years of any of these candidates will have an impact. Only few who know how to read advance alorithms and predit the worst and the best conjectory for the City and county of Denver Network.  #hancockfordenver, #mayorhancock, @hancockfordenver and #mayorhancock knows #denvermayor

Michael Hancock for Denver against Candidate Write in Marcus Giavanni
Penfield Tate listed first on ballot write in ballot Marcus Giavanni
Penfield Tate listed first on ballot write in ballot Marcus Giavanni. #tatefordenver, @tatefordenver, Penfield Tate for Denver Mayor. @hancockfordenver, #hancockfordenver, Mayoral ballot write is Marcus Giavanni, @mgiavanni, #mgiavanni

Penfield Tate: Penfield Tate -  Listed First Mayoral Ballot  - Write-in -Marcus Giavanni For Write-in Ballot - Early Voting April 15 - May 7 ED