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Denver Mayor Future: 2011 Marcus Giavanni to Lead Denver into Future Year 2019 - GP7A News

Published Mar 27, 2018 6:35 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Candidate | Marcus Giavanni | Future Denver | Future Citizens | Future Economy | Future Renewable Sustainable Energy | Future Nonpartisan Government | Future of Kayvan Khalatbari the Parrot candidate for the future of Denver | Get Back into the Birdy Cage May 8, 2019

2011 Future of the City and County of Denver Colorado 2015

Future Denver – Present Candidate Marcus Giavanni will lead Denver’s Future, as Promised since 2011. 2015. “Thus, making Marcus Giavanni The Future Mayor of Denver. Citizens believe the perfect Non-partisan candidate, for it will be Marcus Giavanni, whose actions, will shine over all other candidates. The Future 2019 Mayor of Denver will have a lot to do with restoring democracy in the city, county in Denver”.”

Since, 2011, Candidate Marcus Giavanni - I am running for Denver Mayor 2019 … I “believed in the citizens of the city, and county of Denver, Colorado. In that on Tuesday, May 7, 2019”. Denver Voters will decide what is best for Denver’s Future growth. The city and county of Denver has reached that fork in the road. Either they continue the path of the democratic party. And their monopoly of Denver’s Election System, and the suppression of democracy for the last 54 years. And allowing for Denver citizens, and their children to be used as pawns. To further the agenda. I am running for Mayor of Denver for 2019. I will be the Next Denver’s Mayor with proven platforms, that will change the present conversations into sector partnership building, thought the city and count of Denver. A “2019 Future of the City and County of Denver, Colorado”.” Under the Nonpartisan Mayor of Denver Mayor Robert W. Speer 1913. Did you see where new candidate are taking key words from other candidates, and claiming them as the new Mayor.

2015 Future Denver Mayor City County Denver CO 2019 

What agenda? #TimesUpHancock movement. Denver has hit an all time high in crimes, and murders, robberies, and death by cop. And what about the Kayvan Khalatbari Mayor of Denver 2019 Comedy Show.  Denver Downtown Partnership and Tami Door. Other Department heads who are democratic operatives whom manage with selective authority. Will stop when Marcus Giavanni is Mayor on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. When All citizens grasp the meaning of the Speer Amendment 1913”.”

Marcus Giavanni to Lead Denver into Future Coming Year in 2019 

The Good news is the path to the right, the right path for the Future of the city and county of Denver, Colorado. A path with a bright future. Ending Homeliness, taking care of the current residents first. And telling the world if you plan to relocate to Denver. You better be able to afford it.  For I have poke to many residents in all 11 city council districts. Especially in the 5 points and nearby neighborhoods, being left out on the money. Most of the citizens I have spoken to said this.

“We don’t Mind gentrification; a city has to grow. But when you cut the citizens who invested in the 30-year palm. And after that it’s all gravy”. We can’t be told our property value is down. And then sell, and watch other, make our profits. Nope no more, no how. These folks have got to feed the horse that got them into the government business long ago. Marcus Giavanni, you did good, third is the charm, people are talking about Giavanni. And it’s all good, you will be mayor next election. And don’t change who you are. No matter how hard, the current partisan government, makes you try. You’ll represent the people trying to keep families together, and our stress clean from the garbage that rolls through, from time to time. And those who are fleecing our city coffers. And making millionaire out of public servants. We need to change the road we are on. You keep going Giavanni. Don’t stop, you got our vote!” End - Mr. Tennessee (Citizen of Denver)

Voters’ of Denver the future belongs to the Generation X, with help from their millennials children, and grandchildren millennials, who are going to take care of their baby boomer parents. And the Generation Z who understands Google!

Candidate for Denver Mayor Marcus Giavanni and his 2011 Future Denver Metropolis 12-year Plan conversation started in the year 2011. Carried through 2014. And the Denver Metropolis 12-year plan gained recognition in 2015. The Future Denver Mayoral Candidate is Nonpartisan Marcus Giavanni. and Marcus Giavanni is running for Denver Mayor because He Loves Denver. The current Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has his problems, and most voters agree on one thing. Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock has reached hi peak Level of Leadership. And after serving 16 years in Denver government that started when City County Denver, CO 2019 GP7A News #TimesUpHancock #TapTheVote GP7A News about Future Sustainable Energy. Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock What Time Is It - GP7A News Denver

Future Denver: Since 2011, About City and County of Denver is GP7A News. The New leader in nonpartisan News and Entertainment .. breaking in the and by Candidate Marcus Giavanni. If you don’t have the password, you’re forbidden to enter. Period! No exceptions by Order of the citizens’ of Denver Iron Fist Nonpartisan Mayor of Denver for Marcus Giavanni 2019”.”

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