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Denver Live Work Play: Denver Work Denver Play Explore Colorado GP7A News

Published May 15 2018 11:54 Pm By Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City and Couty of Denver 2018 | Colorado 2018 | Denver Live | Denver Work | Denver Play | Future Colorado | Future City | Future County | Future Denver Marcus Giavanni for Mayor of Denver | Hoban Law Group | Attorney Bob Hoban | Cannabis Take Over Government | Denver Voters' Say No Way | Denver Voters ay Great Job on Cannabis Industry | Conflict of Interest would not be Good | Cannabis Industry Governement | Attorney  Robert Hoban | 100% Verifed Wrong Choice for City Government | 

City and County of Denver - City of Denver - - County of Denver, Colorado 80202. 2018 Denver Voters' have seen the Google Images o the Walls. Knowing Denver Voters want to Live Smarter, Not Harder in the city of Denver, Colorado. The City, and County of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. And now Denver has hit an all time 10 year high of Violent crimes for the 2018

Do you Live Work Play in Denver? Living in Denver, Working in Denver, and Playing in Denver. We need to explore Colorado. GP7A News is about the Future Colorado. And the Future City Denver, Future County Denver. Our Future Denver is Marcus Giavanni. And citizens restoring Democracy. - GP7A News

Robert Hoban ? Hoban Law Group - - Attorney Robert Hoban a Cannabis Attorney in Denver. Attorney Robert Hoban, also known as Attorney Bob Hoban a Partner in the ?Hoban Law Group?. Attorney Bob Hoban and friends of the Cannabis Industry think they are going to ?Take Over Denver Government and Denver Elections in May 2019. Denver Voters? conversations being indexed shows. Denver Voters? Do Not Want The Marijuana Industry Special Interest and Friends. To end one monopoly and create the next Kleptocracy.

On Tuesday, May 8, 2019 it finally came to fruition, and faces know match the names, and voices being indexed for the coup of Denver Elections. Kayvan Khalatbari, and the Marijuana industry gathered to let everyone know. Are they planning to takeover Denver Elections, and Denver Government???

Denver Voters? seem to think so, and they are talking. ?NO WAY ? Thanks for the Weed, but Denver Voters? say ?They all have a conflict of Interest, and it?s not the citizens of Denver. But the expansion of the Marijuana Industry into Government. Is that bad??? Or is Denver ready for another Oligarchy city and county government???

Google Image 2018: Kayvan Khalatbari Hoban  Law Group Attorney Bob Hoban Cannabis Take Over Government

Attorney Robert Hoban Denver

Published May 12, 2018 2:26 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Hoban Law Group | Bob Hoban | Attorney Robert Hoban | Denver Cannabis Industry Take Over Elections and Government 2019 | Google Conversations Algorithms | Denver Voters Do Not Want Marijuana Industry Special Interest and Friends Take Over of Denver?s Government. Read More Here

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Published May 16, 2018 1:43 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Blockchain Technology | Google Cloud Based | SEO and SMO Integrator Marcus Giavanni | USA | Global | Blockchain Content Google Developer Marcus Giavanni.

Blockchain Technology -  Blockchain Google Cloud Based - - Blockchain SEO and SMO Integrator Marcus Giavanni from the United States of America (USA).

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